I Want to Be a Professional Movie Maker

Back to full colour with a bang today. The sky was looking particularly pretty this evening so we drove out to a field which I spotted whilst driving the other day to do a quick shoot. Strobist: YN460II on full power into shoot-through umbrella, camera left. My Site | Twitter

As a movie maker I say yes!

Yes, I like video editing very much

Yes, I like to create the original

Yes, I like to be the director

Yes, I like to please others

Yes Yes Yes, I can study this stuff for a lifetime       


Sherlock Holmes start video editing     

Why do you want to be a movie maker

You can create your own movie

You tell your own story

You share your message to the world

You will find It’s handy

You will create your own world


Movie Maker start video editing

Handy to making movies

Show people a view in your head

Show people your dreams

Show people your thoughts

Show your business movie on your website

Show a movie on youTube and link to your site



Movie in business

Create trust to show your business

Create an online business without video? No good!

Create your awesome Pitch!

Create training promote yourself

Create Video training serie

Create new creations


Mister Bean start video editing

Off the record

You record and leave out the bloopers and put music on it

You record and just leave the bloopers for fun and put music on it

You record Personal memories of all kind

You record to Make fun with friends and family

You record a Selfie to remember your thoughts



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