Start Creating a Movie

Start creating a movie is a great adventure….
Start creating a movie

Start Creating A Movie – You Can Do It

Start creating a movie sounds like a big issue and getting started with making video is sometimes scary. The thing is we are not used to make our own movies and especially not with yourself in it. This is no problem, because everybody can learn to do the right thing. It’s just the thing to take it easy and begin step by step.

So, your first mini-movie, what shall it be  about? Choose a simple thing. Maybe you can tell something about your pet or a piece of art you like. The first thing is to get used to see yourself talking and moving on the screen. Yes, you must be the lead!

Then the second thing is to decide whether you want to film inside or outside. Maybe you can try both and make a few shots and compare them later or mix them. I’ve put links to a video-training within the Wealthy Affiliate Community, you can watch it and get inspired. So, let’s DO it!





Video about Getting Ideas For Video

Awesome Video training


Did you watch the first video? And you are inspired now? I hope you’ve got an idea of how you’re gonna start with your job as a movie director. Don’t make it a big thing and just start somewhere. I know how it works, it took me a while to get the hang of it. And still, I like to improve my recording and editing. Everything I learn, I like to share, so I hope it’s for use to you.

Now you’re ready to watch the next video. It’s about making a video and use a screencast. That means that you make a video of your computer screen and show some slides from there. You can use voice over to tell what people see. So, watch it here:

Video about How To Record

Awesome How To Record Video training


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