In this section you can find some inspiration.

You are the most wanted person for your movie! Always make a record with yourself as main actor. When you make a record of yourself you understand what kind of problems people may have in front of the camera. It’s easier to write scenarios that way and you can help the actor by being a good director.

Selfie for video editiing

Make a record when you  walk your morning-walk. So make it a walk and talk. Just start with it and make it a routine every day. I started that way and it becomes easier every day. At the beginning I was a bit shy and did not know what to say. But I kept going and it went better and better.

Video editing city

My family don’t care if I record them. They are now used to me with a camera. Actualy I use my mobile phone, cause I have it always with me and it makes nice records (I have a Huawei). I ask them what they are going to eat or do this day. Keep it simple. Maybe they have seen something on tele last night…

Family video editing

Outside is always a good one. Find a tree and study what you see. You can speak up what you see. What kind of a tree is it and what colours does it have. Are the leaves on? How big is it compare to yourself, can you put your arms around it? Does it speak?? :-/

Tree for video editing

And so on…


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  1. I love the site and the helpful info on movie making. This has got to be one of the most popular and trending subjects out there right now. Awesome!

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