When you start video editing you want to be ready before you begin. Make sure you have the right equipment. I will advise you to nackup your work every time you make changes. It would be such a waist when your work vanished in the sky…

Tools you need.

Video Camera

Video camera start video editing

Ideal is a high quality Video Camera you easy can take with you, but every digital camera is allright in the beginning, it depends of course what your goal is with the video. For instance, you just want to make a video for your birthdayparty,  you can use your mobile phone. But if you want to make a series of video’s for commercial, you better can look for a good camera.
You can also start with your webcam to practice.  When you get the hang of it try with 2 or 3 camera’s.

Laptop for on the road

Laptop on the road for video editing

When you work on a PC, the possibilities are the best to get a good base for your work, but even on a laptop it’s possible to get a good environment.


Memory At least 8 Gb / 16 Gb
Memory card for video editing


Video card to start video editing


Processor Core i7
Processor to start video editing


Harddrive SSD
SSD hard drive


Backup your videos


External harddrive or NAS
Backup for video


Video editing software

You need special video editing software to edit videos. There is free editing software, but I highly recommend to buy professional Video Editing Software.

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  1. Hi,

    I like the fact that you keep your post clean and simple! You just tell it like it is, what’s really nice for once! 🙂

    I’m definitely curious about more, so would love it you’ll write some more posts! 🙂


    1. Hi Ruth,

      Thank you, I’m glad to be at help. I’m still figuring out things myself and like to share what I’ve found. So, more is coming…



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