Creating Podcast From Video

Creating Podcast From Video is easily doable and fun!

I’m really into podcast nowadays.

When I go out for my morning walk, I listen to podcasts. I enjoy the outdoors and work at the same time. 😉 I like video, but that’s not easy to take away. What a solution there’s podcast. That’s why I like to create podcast now. To take away!

And I create video’s on a regular base now, it’s really great to do. So, I think it must be easy to create a podcast from the video.

Pat Flynn

I like Pat Flynn most I think, He’s easy and I learn a lot. More than that, I like to start my own podcast now. I’m preparing to do that.
Listen to his podcast HERE !

Also great info:

Gary Vaynerchuck

Eelco de Boer

Any tips? To get me started?

Please let me know.

And I’ll keep you posted here how I’m doing.

I like to hear from you!


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