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Build Your List With Podcast – Audello

Build Your List With Podcast – Audello

Build your list, attract an audience & create your own podcast today

Build your list with podcast

The Audello software makes it easy to get started today, even with no previous experience
  • Get new customers

    Grow your customers effectively

  • Build mass engagement

    Benefit from a huge traffic source

  • Explosive list building

    Grow targeted email lists

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Reach new audiences

Get in front of potentially millions of engaged and targeted people quickly and easily.

Build huge lists

Use the power of huge audiences to grow an engaged mailing list of raving fans.

Grow authority

Use your new found authority, audience and engaged mailing lists to generate additional income!

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The time to Podcast is NOW!

Reach potential customers everywhere

Podcasts and audio are consumed in more places, more of the time than any other type of content. This regular engagement helps them know like and trust you and makes them more likely to turn into customers!

Podcasts are being built into cars

The undeniable reach of podcasting is so powerful, podcast players are even being built into new cars as an alternative to radio! Your audience is growing, every day!

The podcast audience is growing daily

On iTunes alone (Just one distribution network) there were 1 Billion downloads of podcast shows in January of 2013, and your potential audience grows by around 500,000 people every day!

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The entire podcast success toolkit

Audello provides you with a powerful toolkit that will help you succeed at building huge engaged audiences, targeted mailing lists and fans that turn into customers, all through the power of podcasting & audio content.

The entire podcast succcess toolkit
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Audello is packed with powerful podcasting and audio marketing features

Including drag and drop audio page creation, timed audio events, playlists, detailed analytics and more!

  • PodcastingEverything you need to record, schedule, publish, track or import your podcast.
  • Audio pages

    Powerful drag and drop audio page editor lets you create viral engagement.

  • Audio Gateways

    Persuade listeners to complete specific actions with audio player gateways.

  • Playlists

    Create custom collections of audio or podcast episodes.

  • Timed Events

    Trigger buy buttons or opt in forms at specific times during your audio.

  • Audio bars

    Create engagement or support bars to communicate directly with site visitors.

  • Advanced analytics

    The industry’s most advanced and in-depth audio and podcast analytics.

  • Split testing

    Automatically create A/B tests for any audio files based on custom criteria.

  • Beautiful skins

    Customise and build your perfect viral podcast or audio player.

    Marketers & podcasters love Audello

    Audello powers your new or existing podcasts, audio marketing or both.

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Create quick audio engagement pages

Break new ground by engaging listeners like never before, boosting your lists and maximising your sales.


Rich, extensive audio analytics

With the most in-depth analytics in the industry, you’ll get the best insight to your listeners and their behaviour, ever.

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Built-in audio split testing –

Create and publish audio playlists


Hundreds of audio skin combinations

There is no other audio player like Audello! Create beautiful and feature-packed audio players with our drag and drop creator!

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Record on-the-go with your iPhone


Free WordPress Plugin

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Complete Podcast Training Area

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