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First Video About Badminton

First Video About Badminton Yes!

My first video about badminton is for promoting this sport. I like this sport so much, so for now, this is a great topic to play with. The sport is fast! You have to move fast and act quickly. No time to use your head, so no thinking allowed.

I’m still learning, but to make a movie is really great.
It’s a bit of work, because when you want to make a short movie you have to cut a lot!
Here it is (it’s in Dutch, but I hope you enjoy it anyway 🙂):

So, what did I do here…

I used Movie Maker to keep it simple at the beginning.


I made a lot of shots from the sportsmen and women. I walked over the fields with my professional camera (my mobile phone) and tried not to get hit by anyone. But you need to take risks when you want something, right?

Move Files To Laptop

Now I needed to move the recordings to my laptop, so that I could edit the video.

Edit Video To Get A Movie

I implemented them all in Movie Maker. Unsorted! Just put all of it in movie maker. The whole thing contained about 50 minutes. Far too much for a promotion movie. I needed to cut this! And not a bit, but a lot. So…

I spend a while on splitting recordings because they were raw and not scripted. Splitting is set a mark. I tried to set a mark everywhere while there was a pause.

I split a lot! This was quite fun actually because it’s so easy to do. You have to play the movie over and over again and then look where you can put a mark to split.

Then I cut the most out of it.

And replaced pieces to get a story out of it.

That went well!

I was pleased and searched for a sportive musical background.

That all put, almost done.

Title and end…