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Creating Podcast From Video

Creating Podcast From Video is easily doable and fun!

I’m really into podcast nowadays.

When I go out for my morning walk, I listen to podcasts. I enjoy the outdoors and work at the same time. 😉 I like video, but that’s not easy to take away. What a solution there’s podcast. That’s why I like to create podcast now. To take away!

And I create video’s on a regular base now, it’s really great to do. So, I think it must be easy to create a podcast from the video.

Pat Flynn

I like Pat Flynn most I think, He’s easy and I learn a lot. More than that, I like to start my own podcast now. I’m preparing to do that.
Listen to his podcast HERE !

Also great info:

Gary Vaynerchuck

Eelco de Boer

Any tips? To get me started?

Please let me know.

And I’ll keep you posted here how I’m doing.

I like to hear from you!


Youtube Editor Yout Instruction

Youtube Editor Yout Instruction. The tool is called: YOUT !

With this tool you are able to easily edit a youtube video.

How it works?

Watch this video:

Do you too think this is a great tool? I hope you like it and take advantage with this. If you like to create video you’ll certainly get excited when you use this tool and notice it’s so easy to use. That’s why I want you to know about it.

Now you’ve seen the video you know how it works and as a reminder here are some screenshots which take you by the hand step by step. Mini training so to say…

Step 1

Find a great video on YouTube…

Instruction YouT

By example a video animation for wine lovers who wants to learn yoga.

Step 2

Change the URL by deleting …ube and press <Enter>

Instruction YouT

As seen on the screen above the Url is now changed into “yout” instead of “youtube”.

Step 3

Now you are on Yout!

Instruction YouT

You now see the video shown into a litte box. As easy as that!

Step 4

And you can use the handlers to cut…

Instruction YouT

Beneeth the box you see the handlers you can use. You can move them to make the video shorter.

Step 5 (last)

Create a shorter video MP4 or just take the audio out MP3, push <record>

Instruction YouT

So now you have moved the handlers the new video is ready to be recorded. You can record the video to MP4 in low or higher quality. Or you can just take the audio out and create an MP3 file. It’s all up to you.

So, that’s it!

I hope you have great fun with this tool!

(Just a disclaimer here… Be sure it is safe to use the video, always ask the creator if you’re not sure. Using other peoples stuff is not always alowed and it is always your OWN responsibility.)

You can watch this training also in the training area:

⇑ ⇑ ⇑

Video Women saying NO tryout campaign

Video Women saying NO tryout campaign is a result of working with Viddyoze, moviemaker, and a few more tools.

You need to use a mix of existing tools to create a movie that answers your vision best.

So here’s my creation:



There’s no translation yet, but the video is about aikido training for everybody. Saying no is a problem for a lot of people and when they DO say no, the feeling of guilt is present. No need…when saying NO with elegance, you never feel guilty anymore!

UPDATE (24 AUG 2106): I tried to translate the text in this video with voice over. I used Movavi screencapture to do this. Hope you like it!


Please leave a comment!! Or ask questions…

The video is used for my dutch website, so if you like you can visit it here: