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First Video About Badminton

First Video About Badminton Yes!

My first video about badminton is for promoting this sport. I like this sport so much, so for now, this is a great topic to play with. The sport is fast! You have to move fast and act quickly. No time to use your head, so no thinking allowed.

I’m still learning, but to make a movie is really great.
It’s a bit of work, because when you want to make a short movie you have to cut a lot!
Here it is (it’s in Dutch, but I hope you enjoy it anyway 🙂):

So, what did I do here…

I used Movie Maker to keep it simple at the beginning.


I made a lot of shots from the sportsmen and women. I walked over the fields with my professional camera (my mobile phone) and tried not to get hit by anyone. But you need to take risks when you want something, right?

Move Files To Laptop

Now I needed to move the recordings to my laptop, so that I could edit the video.

Edit Video To Get A Movie

I implemented them all in Movie Maker. Unsorted! Just put all of it in movie maker. The whole thing contained about 50 minutes. Far too much for a promotion movie. I needed to cut this! And not a bit, but a lot. So…

I spend a while on splitting recordings because they were raw and not scripted. Splitting is set a mark. I tried to set a mark everywhere while there was a pause.

I split a lot! This was quite fun actually because it’s so easy to do. You have to play the movie over and over again and then look where you can put a mark to split.

Then I cut the most out of it.

And replaced pieces to get a story out of it.

That went well!

I was pleased and searched for a sportive musical background.

That all put, almost done.

Title and end…

Start Creating a Movie

Start creating a movie is a great adventure….
Start creating a movie

Start Creating A Movie – You Can Do It

Start creating a movie sounds like a big issue and getting started with making video is sometimes scary. The thing is we are not used to make our own movies and especially not with yourself in it. This is no problem, because everybody can learn to do the right thing. It’s just the thing to take it easy and begin step by step.

So, your first mini-movie, what shall it be  about? Choose a simple thing. Maybe you can tell something about your pet or a piece of art you like. The first thing is to get used to see yourself talking and moving on the screen. Yes, you must be the lead!

Then the second thing is to decide whether you want to film inside or outside. Maybe you can try both and make a few shots and compare them later or mix them. I’ve put links to a video-training within the Wealthy Affiliate Community, you can watch it and get inspired. So, let’s DO it!





Video about Getting Ideas For Video

Awesome Video training


Did you watch the first video? And you are inspired now? I hope you’ve got an idea of how you’re gonna start with your job as a movie director. Don’t make it a big thing and just start somewhere. I know how it works, it took me a while to get the hang of it. And still, I like to improve my recording and editing. Everything I learn, I like to share, so I hope it’s for use to you.

Now you’re ready to watch the next video. It’s about making a video and use a screencast. That means that you make a video of your computer screen and show some slides from there. You can use voice over to tell what people see. So, watch it here:

Video about How To Record

Awesome How To Record Video training


Best Free Video Editing Software

Best free video editing software or movie maker video camera imageBest free video editing software or movie maker video camera image

Best free video editing software or movie maker short list below. In this short list, I’ve tried to pick the best free video editing software, so you don’t have to scroll through a lot of them. I know you are stressed out when you have too much choice and I don’t want you to experience that.

When you want to edit your video, you don’t want to be busy with searching the internet for hours or days to look for the best editor.

Best Free Video Editing Software

I’ve sorted out these best free video editing software for you!









Best Free Video Editing Software number 1! As a real beginner, you want a drag and drop system and not too many complicated things. Movie Maker is an easy video editor. It does everything a great many people requirement for making captivating recordings impact on the web and to their loved ones.

Movie Maker for Best Free Video Editing Software

A gathering of video clasps can be stacked into Motion picture Creator and after that sorted out by moving them into the request you need them to play. Photographs can be relocated among the video cuts and they are given a Ken Smolders impact. Video clasps can be cut into littler areas and these can be moved as well, then scenes can be trimmed by setting begin and end focuses. Visual impacts can be connected to cuts and they are composed into gatherings such as aesthetic, true to life, movements and blurs. Dull clasps can be lit up and there is video adjustment to evacuate camera shake.


A few venture subjects are accessible and selecting one adds titles to the begin, credits to the end and moves between clasps. You then simply alter the content placeholders, tweak the moves thus on to create an awesome video. You can even record and embed a webcam video, record portrayal for the video, and include music and subtitles, blur the sound in and out on clasps and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Film Make has an astounding scope of preset yield choices for HD shows, PCs, tablets, telephones and the web. You can distribute motion pictures specifically to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and different spots. It’s a low-tech, simple to utilize, fun instrument for making short recordings.



Best Free Video Editing Software Number 2!
Contrasted with Motion picture Creator, Blade Video Supervisor Lite is extremely constrained and even the full program costing $19,95 can’t contend with alternate editors.

Machete-lite 4.2 Best Free Video Editing Software

The Lite variant tried here has some helpful, if primitive capacities however and it can stack a solitary AVI or WMV video cut for altering. Albeit stand out clasp can be stacked, the project permits you to choose another video cut on the plate drive and embed it at the present point. This implies you can expand the first clasp by embeddings different clasps a focuses all through it, or you can go to the last edge and embed a clasp there to join two clasps together. You can continue embeddings toward the end to assemble an any longer video.


Subsequent to joining all the crude video footage to make a motion picture, you can set about altering it. Utilizing the edge advance controls, begin and end markers can be set to choose an area. Cut, duplicate and glue fills in as you would expect and this empowers you to trim the begin and end of the motion picture, cut the dull segments out of the center, modify scenes and after that resave the entire parcel to circle.

There is a choice to evacuate the sound track and in the full form there is likewise an alternative to add extra sound tracks, so you could include ambient sounds or record a voice-over and apply it to the motion picture. It’s a disgrace that element isn’t in the free form. Blade Video Editorial manager Lite is snappy and simple to utilize, however it is just excessively constrained



Best Free Video Editing Software Number 3! It’s difficult to trust that BlackMagic has made Purpose Lite totally free. It’s generally utilized for shading amendment as a part of Hollywood motion pictures due to it’s energy. But, in spite of this being the Lite form, there are not really any elements missing contrasted with the Studio adaptation.

Davinci 12 Best Free Video Editing Software

Best Free Video Editing Software Davinci

Alright, so it can’t do multi-camera altering (that is in adaptation 12), nor would it be able to do 3D. You additionally lose some minor elements, for example, clamor evacuation, however, other than that, this is the same stuff the enormous young men use.

That is a touch of an issue with regards to expectations to absorb information as this is not something you can get in an evening and wind up with a magnum opus. In any case, it merits contributing time as you truly can make one when you’ve figured out how to utilize all that power. Clearly its quality is shading revision however and the video altering devices you’d anticipate from significant bundles, you can likewise alter sound, in addition to match up (physically or naturally) sound and video recorded independently.


There’s likewise message capabilities, for example, moving credits, lower thirds et cetera. You can import representation, as well.



Best Free Video Editing Software Number 4! Video is an online video editorial manager and the undeniable downside is uploading substantial documents. On the other hand, it is fine for short recordings in the event that you have fiber optic broadband. A free record WeVideo account takes two seconds to set up utilizing your Facebook login and gives 5GB of capacity, and 15 minutes of video a month at 480p determination. Any number of motion pictures can be altered, given just 15 minutes is yield.

Wevideo Best Free Video Editing Software

Transferring video clasps is clear and you can likewise record live from a webcam as well. The supervisor in the program window has a recognizable design with clasps on the left, a video player on the privilege and course of events at the base. Clasps can be dragged to the course of events to add them to a storyboard. Photographs can be transferred and embedded as well and there is a Ken Blazes impact.


A clasp can be opened for altering and this empowers the begin and end focuses to be trimmed. A Change instrument palette gives revolution, vertical and even flip, scaling and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. An Impacts palette offers nine distinctive video impacts, for example, hone, sepia, dream et cetera. The sound level can be balanced and blurred in or out. Sound documents, for example, music, can be transferred and connected to the motion picture as well.


Around two dozen topics can be connected to a motion picture, including travel diary, white wedding, recollections and exemplary. They can add impacts to the entire video, titles to the begin, etc. When you have completed, the film can be yield to different informal organizations or put away online at the WeVideo webpage. It’s incredible for Chromebook proprietors.



Best Free Video Editing Software Number 5! Lightworks has been utilized to make Hollywood films, including the later The Wolf of Divider Road with Leonardo DiCaprio. There are free and Star versions, yet the primary distinction is the yield groups and you are constrained to 720p determination.

Lightworks movie maker editor

You don’t get venture formats, looking over titles and other extravagant impacts, and rather it concentrates on giving accuracy instruments and cut taking care of. Recordings are foreign and sorted out into receptacles and racks, and rooms are made with altering designs.


Video cut taking care of is extremely database-like with numerous perspectives, seeking, sorting, labeling et cetera. It’s intended to empower groups of editors utilizing various workstations to make two hour films containing many scenes and several clasps. This would be outlandish with the other video editors.


The altering devices are effective and they offer a fine level of control that other video editors don’t have. Video and sound tracks, of which there can be numerous, can be autonomously altered, so you can cut an area of video from the center of a scene leaving the sound and remove to show something else, then return while the sound keeps on playing.


The adaptability you have while joining scenes is great and in and out focuses can be finely tuned straightforwardly in the timetable. There is a restricted scope of enhancements such as moves, yet television programs and Hollywood motion pictures once in a while use something besides blur from/to dark.


Lightworks is gone for expert video editors and it is captivating to utilize an apparatus utilized by Oscar-winning Hollywood motion picture editors. It doesn’t do a ton, yet what it does is splendid.